Superlative Equipment Co., Inc.
dba Rachel Dunn Chocolates
As the Business Systems Manager, (effectively Chief Operating Officer), Jeff was responsible for all aspects of the operations of bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturing and sales of exquisite chocolates. He implemented programs to streamline accounting and human resources, increase sales by 30% annually, and secured organic and sustainable manufacturing certifications. He modernized the existing infrastructure to have a greater customer focus and documented processes to improve consistency. He was also responsible for ensuring successful Federal (FDA), state (California), and local inspections and reviews.

Funeral Fact Podcast
Since June 2017, Jeff has been the host of the Funeral Fact Podcast. The podcast focuses on helping to demystify funeral traditions and customs. The podcast has over 10,000 subscribers and is heard in 52 countries around the globe and in every state in the US.

In 1990, Jeff co-founded the company to assist small and medium size organizations improve the level of service they provide to their customers and ultimately build customer loyalty at all levels of the organization. Today, they do business in over 100 countries, including their newest presence in China, ServiceQuality.CN. Their clients ranged from multinational corporations to government agencies and small businesses.

For ten years, Jeff co-authored a syndicated weekly opinion column, “Speaking of Service.” Additionally, he carried out a heavy schedule of of paid public speaking engagements to professional organizations, the media, and business meetings annually.

Jeff was recognized by one of the worlds largest financial institutions, Citicorp, as an innovative service leader. Citigroup’s former chairman, John Reed identified Jeff, “…as a leader in providing superior customer service and leading others to do the same.”

Kasper Media
In addition to his duties at ServiceQuality.US, Jeff also the President of Kasper Media, a ´Čürm specializing developing enterprise solutions for smartphone applications (iOS, Android, and Blackberry) and mobile web development.

Kasper Media later transitioned to focus on video and podcast production. In addition to production services, it functions as the management entity for Jeff Kasper's voice acting talent.

Citibank (California)
Responsible for all facets of management including building customer loyalty, marketing, operations, compliance, business development, budgets and de novo retail branches.

Awards & Honors
• United States Small Business Administration
• State of California Small Business of the Year
• City of Concord Business Recognition Award
• Concord Chamber of Commerce Business Recognition Award
• Mt. Diablo Region YMCA Service Recognition Award
• Rotary International – Multiple Paul Harris Fellowships

• CCNA Secure Network Management (3/2015)
• CCNA Security: 03-IOS ACLs (3/2015)
• AAA on Cisco Devices (3/2015)
• Security & Cisco Routers Course (2/2015)
• ISO:9001 2015 Master Class (2/2017)

Call Jeff at +1 (925) 459-6786 or contact him here.

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