Executive Summary

Jeff is a proven top performer with start-up and Fortune 100® experience. His unique blend of purchasing, managerial and operational expertise with advanced skills in strategic planning, international negotiations, product development and resource allocation give him a unique perspective and the ability to "hit the ground running."

He's an innovative inspirational leader of retail operations with a proven ability to drive business growth through aggressive sales initiatives, market trend analysis and market penetration. He has a talent for designing and launching programs that produce profitable product lines targeted to niche markets, delivering significant sales growth and profitability.


Jeff is comfortable working with start-ups and Fortune 100® organizations — very limited assignments to long-term placements alike.

Not a "one-trick pony" he has a proven track record of accomplishing his objectives successfully. Some have called him a "pit bull" for his tenacity and ability to keep focus amidst chaos.

Jeff's experience is well rounded, including the financial, governmental, manufacturing, service, and technology sectors to name a few.

Facilitating Operational Excellence

Jeff has a wealth of experience that he can offer you immediately. Jeff has proven his ability to successfully motivate and inspire colleagues and look forward to what lies ahead.

His experience in human resources ranges from multi-national Fortune 500® corporations to organizations with as few as three employees. He has worked with employees and organizations around the globe to create, develop, and implement a positive environment where team members thrive and excel.

Sustainability is Key

Long before "sustainability" was a watchword in the common vernacular, Jeff was advocating for these principals. Jeff believes that what's good for the earth is good for business. Jeff has experience establishing fair-trade practices and gaining mulit-national certifications from organic and fair-trade organizations around the globe.

Sustainability for the Organization
Documenting best practices for all within the organization to follow is one important step most often omitted by businesses. Many clients will spend months creating a succinct business and strategic plan, then brush off documenting critical process and procedures. They will say it takes too much time to document things, and then waste hundreds of hours re-training employees over and over.

Call Jeff at +1 (925) 459-6786 or contact him here.
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